White guy, yelling to friends: Yo, where are you going? The train is this way!
Random black guy: It’s not the fucking train! It’s the fucking subway!
White guy: I live in Queens, I know what it’s called.
Black guy: You white people are so fucking stupid. You go into the subway to get on a fucking train!
White girl: Well then it’s a train!
Black guy: Fuck you, bitch!
White guy: Don’t call her a bitch! You don’t even know her!
Black guy, getting in their face: Fuck you, nigga! And fuck her! (pause) Wait…have you guys been drinking?
White guy: Yeah.
Black guy: Never mind, then. I was just fucking around. We cool?
(black and white guys laugh about it, shake hands, go their separate ways)

–Union Square

Overheard by: go rangers!