Clean­er: What a pair of tits on that girl! That’s why we go to war, that’s why we’re in Iraq!

–Ser­vice El­e­va­tor, Lex­ing­ton & 41st St

Over­heard by: Nicky

An­noy­ing chick, about John Mc­Cain: I mean, he was a POW be­cause he fucked up!

–Shea Sta­di­um

Over­heard by: megan

Se­cu­ri­ty guard, break­ing up fight dur­ing peace march: You can’t fight at the peace march! You can’t fight at the peace march!

–143 & Mal­colm X

Woman to scream­ing three-year-old: And that’s why you have to reg­is­ter to vote! Or else they’ll draft you and you’ll have to go to war!

–33rd & 2nd

Girl on phone: I can just get a pass from the Is­raeli army. Don’t wor­ry about it. They’re easy.

–NYU Pal­la­di­um Din­ing Hall