Well-dressed black girl to well-groomed black stan­dard poo­dle with own­er: Oh, look at your nice hair! You work it girl!

–22nd St & 6th Ave

Over­heard by: Tiger­tail

Mid­dle-age woman to over­groomed poo­dle, as it takes a dump in the mid­dle of the side­walk: Ohh­h­hh! Char­lie, that’s look­ing a bit creamy! Yum, yum! (pause as the dog sniffs his mess) No, don’t eat it!

–14th St & Uni­ver­si­ty Place

Over­heard by: Bee

Crazy hobo in wheel­chair, to small dog on leash pass­ing by: Me­ow. Me­ow! Me­ow!

–Union Square

Large black man to his shag­gy dog: Just be­cause it’s there does­n’t mean you can pee on it. That’s a nice bike!

–9th St & 50th St

Over­heard by: Em­Gusk

Man try­ing to con­trol his bark­ing dog: No! No anx­i­ety! Bad dog! No anx­i­ety!

–St. Mark’s & Ave A

Over­heard by: french bull­dog with nar­cis­sism