Lady to young man: Excuse me, sir, I just lost my wallet…
Young man (interrupting): And you need a dollar to get a bus home?
(lady says nothing and walks off)

–14th St b/w 2nd & 3rd Ave

Overheard by: I love Artichoke!

Headline by: Allison

· “Actually I Was Hoping for Your Emergency Condom” — “Jimmy” Wrapper
· “Asshat Misses Chance at Cheap BJ” — Leary Blaine
· “Ladies Get Turned Off by Todd’s Premature Speculation Problem” — FizzyGurrl
· “Maybe She’s Afraid Of Psychics” — tedric
· “Psh, Like Buses Only Cost a Dollar” — samson
· “They Give You More If You Just Call It a “Bailout”” — stimulated economy
· “This Might Have Worked Better If They Hadn’t Already Been on the Bus” — KateNonymous

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