Guy #1: You know how people say that if you give homeless people money, all they’ll buy is drugs and alcohol?
Guy #2: Yeah.
Guy #1: Well, fuck, that’s what I would buy!

–9th St & University Place

Overheard by: Jazz

Headline by: bq

· “Behold, the Democratic Stimulus Plan!” — The Trayster
· “I Guess That Explains the Cardboard Box You Live In…” — Timmy
· “I Mean, After I Paid Off My Credit Card Debt, Of Course” — 1310 (formerly SNA)
· “Michael Phelps Has an Epiphany” — JohnnyB
· “Mickey Rourke’s Comeback Was Short-Lived” — Sing it sister!
· “That’s Why You Don’t Have Full Access to Your Trust Fund” — Keith

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