Judge to room packed with prospec­tive ju­rors: I am go­ing to give you a num­ber to call in case of an emer­gency. You should copy this down. The num­ber is 917–480… (pause) Oh shit! (mic be­comes muf­fled). Um, sor­ry. That was my cell phone num­ber.

–Supreme Court Build­ing

Woman on cell: Our code­pen­dent lewdi­ty shall rage on, Ver­i­zon! Take that!

–113th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: McF

Hip­sterette to an­oth­er: Well, you should­n’t have to sleep with some­one to find out if he’s go­ing to call you back.

–Cof­fee Shop, Park Slope

Over­heard by: The­Green­Cat

Con­duc­tor: There is a C train just across the plat­form. For those of you who have a sud­den urge for a change of plans and wish to aban­don your plans to go to Park Slope tonight, you can hop off here and take the C to East New York. I hope you have a phone to call your fam­i­ly, you won’t be home for din­ner!

–F Train

Over­heard by: Stay­ing on the F

Girl in bath­room stall on cell: Okay, my phone is dy­ing, I will call you lat­er. (pause) Call you from a pay­phone? I don’t know how to use one of those.

–School, Low­er Man­hat­tan

Well-dressed woman walk­ing tiny dog, yelling in­to cell: You know what, John? You can e‑mail, don’t even call me. I don’t want you on my phone. (pause) Hel­lo?

–Colum­bus Cir­cle