Ghetto girl #1: I went over there, and she’s pregnant.
Ghetto girl #2, gasping: Pregnant with a *baby*?

–Q30 Bus

Overheard by: Cori

Headline by: missquirk

· “ ‘Cuz If It’s an Alien Again, I’m Skipping the Shower” — 1310 (formerly SNA)
· “Depends on Whether You Ask Pro-Lifers or Pro-Choicers” — Ryan
· “I Better Go Back and Check” — Mike
· “Judging by the Bleeding Statues and Pentagrams, No” — The Least Funny Demon
· “Never Take a Roofie at the Zoo” — Nick Pollotta
· “No, Just Shoplifting Again” — Skug Skellum
· “No.….….She Just Likes to Pause a Lot” — clair
· “Rosemary’s Friends Saw It Coming” — asdfghjkl;
· “She Was Drunk. The Dog *Looked* Like a Dude” — Jim
· “Someone’s Seen Alien a Few Too Many Times…” — Kei
· “Well It’s Either That or the Spawn Of Satan…” — J

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