(Asian tourist walks on­to sub­way with large pan­da-head shaped hat)
Ran­dom guy: Take off that sil­ly ass hat!

–Up­town 1 Train

Guy: When I wear my oth­er coat, I look like a yak.

–Mott St

Over­heard by: robin

Thug to friend: I to­tal­ly know fash­ion de­sign­ers. I know who Hill-fin­ger is.

–Thomp­son Street, So­Ho

Drunk guy to or­tho­dox Jew: Nice lid.

–Near Her­ald Square

Guy walk­ing out of sub­way: Then she came in and told me to put the mask on.

–6 Train

Over­heard by: Sarah

His­to­ry teacher to class: Now, if you want a de­cent straw hat, do not make one.

–Mil­len­ni­um High School

Over­heard by: Adri­ana