Guy: Nah, I’m trying to get that six pack for summer. I’m not going for the dashboard stomach or anything. Besides, the dashboard on my car isn’t looking too good, ya know? 

–Godiva, Nassau Street

Overheard by: J 

Woman: She’s not trying anorexia, is she? She’s not in that adolescent phase yet, right? 

–85th & 5th

Overheard by: Kaitlen

Girl: Well, she should tell her doctor…and her waitress. 


Overheard by: Trix 

Hobo: Hey, I’m really hungry. Really hungry, man. I ain’t eaten in the past coupla days. That’s why I’m losing weight. Except I’m so muscular, so I look healthy, but I’m hungry. And it’s hot outside, so I’m losing more weight. And I am muscular.

–F train

Queer: You know, whenever they show models in movies being obsessive about what they eat and their weight or something, it’s always presented like it’s this vain and self-indulgent thing, but, I mean, they’re models. It’s their job. It’s like for your job. You needed a Master’s Degree, right? Well, they need an eating disorder. 

–2 train

Girl: I think he thought I was calling him fat. I wasn’t, though! I was calling him pregnant. 

–D train