Fe­male shop­per to Bloom­ing­dale’s cologne sprayer: Don’t you dare spray your $30 over my $150.

–Per­fume Aisle, Bloom­ing­dale’s

Old la­dy on cell: I mean, it’s just five mil­lion…

–Madi­son & 77th St

Very rich mom to new nan­ny, about ba­by in stroller: Okay, well, she loves sushi, and…

–Up­per East Side

Rich teen: I asked my mom to go to Louis Vuit­ton with me this week­end and she was like, “we’re in a re­ces­sion, let’s go to Dolce.”

–42nd St

Over­heard by: I want a m6

La­bel-whore eat­ing grapes and cheese, to friend: Oh my god, I feel so rich when I eat this stuff… Oh, wait, I am.

–Paul’s Cafe