Hispanic guy, noting hot chick passerby: Hey, baby.
Hot chick: (rolls eyes)
Hispanic guy: (takes off shirt and puts it on the ground for her to walk over)
Hot chick, stopping: I’ll give you some credit for that one…but fuck off. (continues walking)

–50th & 9th

Overheard by: passerby

Headline by: ddv

· “A Dramatization Of Citibank’s Credit Protocol” — NoCredit
· “But…I Would Have Taken You to 4th Meal!” — Maddy
· “How Many Credits Do I Need to Save Up For a Blowjob?” — mark
· “It Was a Bad Day To Forget That He Was Wearing a Sports Bra” — Nick Pollotta
· “Matthew McConaughey Finally Gets Some Cred.…” — RaindanceRichard
· “Next Time He Won’t Give a Shirt” — Sim Etrias
· “Raleigh Gets the Old “Fuck Ye” From Elizabeth Yet Again” — Laureen

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