Skater: Come on. Hang out.
Mur­ray Hill-look­ing PR-type chick: Fuck you! You’re a fag! You’d rather hang with your los­er friends in this fuck­ing rat hole? I would have fucked you, if you just came to Man­hat­tan but…
Skater: C’­mon hang. It’ll be cool.
Mur­ray Hill-look­ing PR-type chick: Oh, fuck this. I’m tak­ing this cab. Have fun suck­ing your bud­dy’s cock, ass­hole!
Skater, af­ter watch­ing her leave: Fuck­ing bitch! (paus­es, then asks per­fect stranger) Hey, can I buy a cig­a­rette from you?

–12th St & Bed­ford