Asian school­girl to friend: So he says “you’re a racist,” and I’m like, “I can’t be a racist, I’m a race!”

–Ridge­wood, Queens

Over­heard by: Squidoc­to

Fair-skinned Ital­ian Long Is­land woman: So they both took a pa­per bag test, and passed.

–Barnes & No­ble Cafe

Over­heard by: a.j.w.

Yup­pie In­di­an woman: In *my* cul­ture, I’m not black.

–Flat­bush Ave

Over­heard by: mo­jbe

Ridicu­lous­ly loud girl em­ploy­ee: Bob­by! What’s your eth­nic­i­ty?


Over­heard by: …not the on­ly shocked ob­serv­er

Eight-year old black kid to 20-some­thing babysit­ter, about younger broth­er: He likes black girls, but I like white girls!

–Out­side De­lancey Sta­tion