20-something girl to two girlfriends: We’ve been dating for two months. Normally in my relationships, it’s “he loves me, and I love me,” but now I feel like he knows I like him, and that threatens me.

–Penn Station

8th grade boy to another: Aren’t I the woman in this relationship?

–Bell Academy

Woman to friend: He said he wanted to dress me up, take me out, and show me off to the world. Instead we’d go out, he’d make me pay, and tell me how great everyone else looked.

–3rd Ave & 37th th

Cute guy in Yankees hat: I need a wild, destructive relationship for awhile.

–Brother Jimmy’s, 81st & Amsterdam

Guy: Yeah, I just got over a long-term relationship. You know, two to three months.

–Starbucks, 67 & Columbus

Guy on cell: I don’t know if I already told you this, but I don’t have a job or a show. So we could go a date until the end of time.

–MacDougal & 7th St

Steve Guttenberg to way-too-young date: I like you and I would like to see you, just not every day.

–Upper West Side