Girl on cell: Do you think any galleries will be open on Sunday? 

–21st & Broadway

Woman: He didn’t come here to be Korean; he moved here to be a hipster. Then he realized he could open a store, and he turned Korean.

–2nd Avenue & 6th Street

Private School girl: So is, like, everything in this place by Chanel?

–Metropolitan Museum of Art

Man: What do you mean, you ran out of keys? How does a hotel run out of keys?

–The Hotel on Rivington

Overheard by: Joe Quint 

Queer: Well I figured I make $7 an hour at Journey’s working full time. So if I cut back to part time and get a second job making $7 an hour, I’ll be making $14 an hour and I can pay all my bills!

–Nederlander Theater, West 41st Street 

Overheard by: Nomi Malone