Girl on cell with dog in her bag: So I was just like “You’re a frig­gin douche!” (paus­es and looks in bag) Fuck! My ass­hole dog just shit in my bag! (takes dog out) Oh my god! It shit in my lap! It’s every­where! Help me, Dana!

–D Train

Over­heard by: Ha­ha­ha­haaaaa

Passer­by to young woman ty­ing up about 10 dogs, singing: Who let the dogs out? Who?

–E 90th St

Six-year-old girl to moth­er: And then I said, “Oh, Shi­htzu!”

–Hous­ton & Or­chard

Over­heard by: j

Man on cell: I mean, I don’t want to com­pare her to a dog. But, I just don’t want to pet that, if you know what I mean.

–E 4th St & Lafayette

Over­heard by: aman­da

Large scruffy man in deli apron, watch­ing hot Lati­na: Woof! (pause) Sor­ry ba­by, it’s just the dog in me. Woof!

–2nd Ave & 94th St

Fat man to fe­male friend: I don’t know that dogs are de­li­cious. Rather, I know that pork is.

–Broad­way & Cham­bers St

Over­heard by: Car­olyn S

Girl, point­ing at Dachs­hunds: Look, Chi­huahuas!

–Win­ter Gar­dens