Soul­ful black man: Well, think about this. A white man lived in Graceland, a black man lived in Nev­erland. (nods know­ing­ly)

–Down­town A Train

Over­heard by: Bear­sian

Gallery di­rec­tor to in­tern: So af­ter he was ar­rest­ed we sent a let­ter to Hen­ry Gates ask­ing him for mon­ey, you know, since we are a mul­ti­cul­tur­al or­ga­ni­za­tion.

–Low­er East Side Art Gallery

Lati­na to Lati­no: Lati­nos and black peo­ple can’t be racist. That’s, like, just white peo­ple.

–Red Hook, Brook­lyn

White hobo: When I see a black nig­ger to­geth­er with a white nig­ger, that just con­fus­es the hell out­ta me.

–Hous­ton & Clin­ton

Woman: She likes black dogs be­cause she’s black, and I like white dogs be­cause I’m white.

–Up­per West Side

Over­heard by: Yehu­da