De­cent­ly dressed man, who does­n’t look like he needs a quar­ter: Does any­one have a quar­ter? Does any­one have a quar­ter?
(no re­sponse, he sits down)
De­cent­ly dressed man, sound­ing like ra­dio an­nounc­er: You’re lis­ten­ing to pow­er 105… Pow­er 105… You’ve got the pow­er… Pow­er 105… Pow­er 105…
(lights cig­a­rette, and be­gins stand­ing on one foot in cen­ter of car with his arms stretched out)
Lit­tle girl to fa­ther: Wow, dad­dy… He’s good!

–6 Train

Over­heard by: john­ny­toma­toes