Asian girl: A tran­ny spat and peed on me last night… so I guess I’m okay.

–Scream­ing MiM­i’s Bou­tique

Over­heard by: Nan­cy

Gay guy, af­ter woman bumps in­to him: Did you just step on my vagi­na?

–A Train

Col­lege boy: So then I woke up and re­al­ized I was next to a tran­ny…

–Man­hat­tan Col­lege

“Girl” sit­ting at the door: My panties are too small to hold my dick in.


Catholic school girl, car­ry­ing large back­pack, to friend: I’m look­ing for­ward to leav­ing this bath­room a guy. A very ef­fem­i­nate guy, but still a guy.

–Bath­room, Barnes & No­ble

Over­heard by: In­no­cent Bath­room-go­er