Male yup­pie to fe­male yup­pie: So mil­fs are to­tal­ly in right now.


Over­heard by: Loli­ta

20-some­thing male yup­pie, sur­round­ed with Star­bucks cof­fee con­tain­ers and yelling at lap­top: It took you six fuck­ing min­utes to get to the fuck­ing page! Rawwwr! I’m go­ing to rip you apart, you stu­pid fuck­ing com­put­er! Rawwr!


Yup­pie-hip­ster mom, to sob­bing tod­dler: Yeah, I know, your life is just so tough.


Over­heard by: It’s be­cause those hemp di­a­pers you make her wear chafe like hell.

Yup­pie woman: This is like the Third World!

–8th St & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Sam Chalek