Young thug to friends: Stop, stop, stop! Stop, se­ri­ous­ly, stop. C’­mon, I’m not kid­ding! Se­ri­ous­ly. I have shoe pho­bia!

–Metro-North Rail

Guy with shoe in hand, catch­ing up to woman who lost it: Here you go, Cin­derel­la!

–Man­hat­tan Mall

Over­heard by: thorn

Man­ag­er of ladies’ shoe store: It’s easy to close. You put the hook­er boots–all this hoochie stuff, with the hook­er boots, you put the flats with the flats, you put the day shoes with the day shoes. Now, Nar­nia over there is an­oth­er sto­ry…


Over­heard by: Sarah R

Chick to guy: If you buy me Jim­my Choos, I’ll have your ba­by.

–Rock­e­feller Cen­ter

Over­heard by: Lets hope she’ll have the ba­by any­way…

Four-year-old girl step­ping out of taxi: Mom­my, can we go on­line to buy shoes to­day?

–Up­per West Side

Over­heard by: …wow.