Short thug: Nig­ga, stars come in all sizes. Just ’cause some are big­ger don’t mean they are clos­er.
Tall thug: Fuck it, they don’t! The sun’s the biggest star be­cause that moth­er­fuck­er’s the clos­est. (oth­er thugs mur­mur in agree­ment)
Short thug: What about the moon, then? It looks big­ger than any of them bitch­es.
Tall thug: Be­cause it’s clos­er! Damn!
Short thug: But it ain’t big­ger than a moth­er­fuck­ing star!
Ran­dom thug: Ain’t no­body know how big a star is, man.
Short thug, ex­as­per­at­ed: How many of you nig­gas smok­ing your own shit? (they fall silent) God­damn! Well, that ex­plains a whole fuck­ing lot!

–St. John’s & Un­der­hill