Loud girl on cell: And he was like “we had sex three times, so I owe you an hour of go­ing down on you.” And I was like “okay.”

–Mount Sinai School of Med­i­cine

Over­heard by: Hor­ri­fied Med Stu­dent

Bro to an­oth­er: Dude, she’s prac­ti­cal­ly pay­ing for your train ride to have sex with you.

–W Train

Col­lege guys to an­oth­er: Dude, have you fin­gered her yet?

–5th Ave

At­trac­tive girl smok­ing and talk­ing on the phone: Wait! Are you say­ing you want me to go to your ho­tel room… right now?

–15th St & Union Square West

Over­heard by: Stephanie