Blonde: There were three of them; they were twins.

–Lu­nasa Bar, East Vil­lage

Guy on cell: You thought you had the right in­for­ma­tion, but you did­n’t have your dots crossed.

–B46 Bus

Over­heard by: Brook­lyn­lu­va

Lati­no girl in park: Don’t read it, bitch, just put it on. It’s good, it’s sun­block. It pro­tects you from the UVs and huh… The HIV pos­i­tives, or what­ev­er.

–125th St & River­side

Over­heard by: near­by park bather

Mid­dle-aged guy: It took me for­ev­er to find this build­ing; it was con­fus­ing be­cause all the num­bers were writ­ten with let­ters.

–One (oops, “1”) E 53rd Street