20-some­thing man on cell: I just bought an­oth­er Trans­form­ers t‑shirt. That means I am one Trans­form­ers t‑shirt away from be­ing able to on­ly wear Trans­form­ers t‑shirts.

–9th Ave & 45th St

Over­heard by: Ser­e­na

Male art teacher: What’s wrong with chif­fon? If I were home right now, I would be wear­ing chif­fon.

–Hunter Col­lege High School

Bar own­er to col­lege kid wear­ing suit: Look atchu all dressed up. What, are you goin’ on a game show or some­thin?

–Citi Bar

Over­heard by: Lu­lu

20-some­thing girl on cell: You should’ve known when you liked his clothes that he was go­ing to be over­ly emo­tion­al. No one who dress­es that good can hold it all to­geth­er.

–Lock­er Room, Crunch Gym

Guy to group of friends: Yeah, so I said to him, “Mike, it’s a prob­lem when you wearin’ the same clothes as your daugh­ter.’ ”

–5th Ave & 14th St

Over­heard by: Sue