Girl: Lisa went down on me while I was on my pe­ri­od. I de­cid­ed just to roll with it.

–Fry­ing Pan Bar

Pro­fes­sor: Let’s all go home and men­stru­ate! My goal in this class is to get all of you on the same sched­ule.


Over­heard by: Leslie

Up­scale fe­male suit on cell: I’m to­tal­ly on the rag, but you can still lick my ass­hole.

–Park Slope

Over­heard by: The Troop­er

Gay guy on cell: I’m so cranky, I feel like I’m a girl who’s on her pe­ri­od and preg­nant.

–Park Ave & 29th St

Big black guy, loud­ly on phone: Why you bitchin at me be­cause I won’t cleeeeen be­hind you? I’m not gonna clean your nasty pe­ri­od ass of­fa the toi­let! (near­by peo­ple be­gin laugh­ing) Bitch, even the peo­ple on the streets be laugh­ing at you!

–123rd St & Man­hat­tan Ave