NYU stu­dent to an­oth­er: Spinach is like sex: if you were forced to have it as a child, you would­n’t en­joy it as an adult.

–Uni­ver­si­ty Place & 12th St

Hobo, point­ing to deli sign: They want you to toss your own sal­ad for $8.95.

–23rd and 3rd

Over­heard by: Nicole Ship­man

Suit shout­ing in­to cell: Egg­plant! Egg­plant! Je­sus Christ, what is so fuck­ing hard about egg­plant?!

–Green­wich Vil­lage

Over­heard by: Sun­ny

Sub­way preach­er: I like veg­eta­bles! You got­ta eat them so you can live. I like to put veg­eta­bles in my mouth. I like the way they taste!

–N Train

Guy to an­oth­er: Take the pick­le, be­cause by god if some­one else does and you don’t get it, well, you’ll be pick­le-less and that’s not ide­al.

–125th St

Over­heard by: Bri­an K.