Mom to small chil­dren: Well, we all have parts. And these parts talk to our bod­ies and tell us we are a boy or a girl. And some­times these parts get con­fused.

–Wash­ing­ton Square East

20-some­thing girl to male friend: You’re a dirty girl! You’re a dirty girl! You’re a dirty girl!

–N Train

Over­heard by: TR

Moth­er to gen­der-tran­si­tion­ing son, ques­tion­ing plans for surgery: Are you a boy trapped in a girl’s body? I’m get­ting a face lift, and it’s be­cause I’m a young per­son trapped in an old per­son­’s body.

–39th & 9th

Man in yel­low and green track suit and avi­a­tor sun­glass­es: Nah, I can’t go. That’s when I’m hav­ing my breast re­duc­tion.

–Colum­bus Cir­cle

Over­heard by: Ems

Teenage boy: I don’t wan­na be on that block, son! I know too many tran­nies on that block!

–Bed­ford & Grove

Over­heard by: How many is too many?

Guy on cell, leav­ing mes­sage: Hel­lo, Dave. This is your moth­er.

–Tisch School of the Arts

Over­heard by: Bruce Lee

Teen boy: Fear me, I have vagini­tis!

–Stat­en Is­land Fer­ry

Over­heard by: Jin­gles