Young guy on cell: You’re lucky I’m Colom­bian. If I was Ecuado­ri­an, I’d be slap­ping you!

–Jack­son Heights

Over­heard by: Jobee

An­gry man walk­ing alone, to him­self: I could have mar­ried a Do­mini­can, but no, I de­cid­ed not to!

–Mer­cer & Broome

Teen girl to friend: Your new Mex­i­can is su­per creepy.

–On Line for the Col­bert Re­port, Hel­l’s Kitchen

Guy on cell: No, no, man, she’s Puer­to Ri­can. I’m just sayin’ she’s Do­mini­can ’cause it sounds hot­ter.

–105 St & Lex­ing­ton

Thug hold­ing box of maxi pads: Yo, that moth­er­fuck­er is like the gay Mex­i­can Mar­lon Bran­do. Clas­sic…


Over­heard by: Karen