Chu­lo #1: What sign are you?
Chu­la: Aries. You?
Chu­lo #2: Ass­hole. That’s his sign: ass­hole.
Chu­lo #1: Naw, man. It’s can­cer.
Chu­lo #2: Why do so many peo­ple be­lieve in that as­trol­o­gy shit?
Chu­lo #1: Be­cause it’s true!
Chu­la: It’s so true. I’ve got all the per­son­al­i­ty traits. Like, I think I know every­thing. I get along re­al well with Leos, we’re all bossy to­geth­er. What sign are you?
Chu­lo #2: Scor­pio.
(chu­la and chu­lo #1 laugh know­ing­ly)
Chu­la: Oh, yeah, you know what that means. You’re a lover.
Chu­lo #2: Ha ha, yeah?
Chu­la: You see some­one and like that, you’re in love. And then, two weeks lat­er, you don’t want noth­ing to do with her.
Chu­lo #2: Um… No… I mean, not re­al­ly…
Chu­lo #1: Yeah, man, it’s all true. Writ­ten in the stars.

–Down­town A Train

Over­heard by: Rose Fox