Hipster guy, rejecting hip-hop CD offered by street vendor: I would buy it if it was like, alternative folk… Or, like, alternative hip-hop… Really, I'd buy it if it just had the word "alternative" in it.

–West Village

Hipster girl to friend: Don't worry, we'll find a time to watch socialist movies together soon!

–Eugene Lang College

Hipster girl staring at Pabst beer: I can't believe we're drinking hipster beer!

–Bogart & Varet, Brooklyn

Hipster girl to hipster boyfriend, after PA announced that a crowded subway is no excuse for inappropriate touching: I like to be touched inappropriately.

–B Train

Overheard by: Rich Weksberg

Hipster boy: The first time I got gay-raped I was like, "oh yeah, I might like this."

–Pratt Institute

Overheard by: Lesbian Unicorn

Hipster guy to hipster girlfriend: Getting a job is not selling out; it's just getting a job.


Overheard by: Bearded Wonder