Mid­dle aged la­dy on cell: Yeah, so I just got an awe­some new vagi­na tat­too, want me to come over and show it to you?

–3rd St & 4th Ave

Over­heard by: Isaac A

Meat­head to friend: Peo­ple see the workas more in da ware­house than in da of­fice, that’s why I nev­er got a neck tat­too. Every­body has at least one or two tat­toos nowa­days, that’s why it’s not like a ba­boon any­more.


Over­heard by: a taboo?

Hoochie to friend: Is my tramp stamp show­ing? I don’t want to look hoish…

–5th Ave & 23rd St

Thug with arm wrapped in pa­per tow­el to friend: I just got a tat­too of my ba­by ma­ma’s lips on my arm. No, not her, the oth­er one. I got two ba­by ma­mas. Two hags. Wan­na know why I got her lips? Cause I used to live with her. But I had to go. She bit me here, stabbed me here. I had to run from her, and I don’t even run from nig­gas.

–F Train

Five-year-old boy: I wan­na get a tat­too on my neck of the num­ber 6 and the num­ber 9!

–196th St & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Karen