Girl #1: So Lau­ren had this lit­tle marsh­mal­low dog, and we were play­ing cha­rades, right, wait­ing for Beck­y’s play? One of my friends put his plate down ’cause it was his turn and we hear, like, this fft-fft noise and we see the fuck­ing dog take off with the plate that was big­ger than her, just drag­ging it on the ground.
Girl #2: That is so cute!
Girl #1: Oh, Jen­ny, the guy whose turn it was was the guy who got mar­ried in the mall and just had a ba­by, that video I showed you. Beck­y’s ex. Got mar­ried in the mall.
Girl #2: Wow.
Girl #3: White peo­ple…

–The Met