Girl on train: You know sometimes when you feel like your vaginal walls are collapsing in on themselves?

–LaGuardia High School

Black man to blacker friend: Damn, I done lost plenty a bruthas to the street. But I ain’t never lost none to the pussy.


Overheard by: Missalicious

20-something elegant girl on BlackBerry: No, I *don’t* need you in my vagina. But thanks.

–23rd & 8th

Office-clad lady to another: I felt like my vagina ran from my belly button to the base of my spine!

–Ave A & 3rd

Overheard by: While on hold with 311

30-something female to friend: Unless she has a head crowning from her cooch, you shouldn’t ask that.

–12th St & Ave A

Woman on cell: Pussy is pussy! It don’t matter nigga! (pause] Oh, dammit. Dammit. Oh, dammit. I missed my fucking stop!

–M3 Bus, Upper East Side

Overheard by: Desiree