Hoochie to another: If Jenel’s gonna be fucking him she better be helping pay for my baby.

–7th Ave

Woman to man: I want you to stop calling me “babe,” baby…

–Hancock & Malcolm X Boulevard

Overheard by: Sara Jane

Black guy on cell phone: What? You mean that girl from the other night? No no no! It wasn’t all baby got back! It was all baby got flat!

–Staten Island

30-something woman on cell: He has babies with two different women! He must’ve had sex with them, at the same time! Their birthdays are at the same time; same year, three days apart. You can pull babies out his ass!

–Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Overheard by: K.C.

30-something woman to husband: Okay, let’s go. I lost a baby, and I need money.

–Brooklyn Flea, Fort Greene