High school kid in line at Whole Foods: I read this scary article about how doing acid can permanently mess with your serotonin levels and make you depressed and shit… I guess I should do shrooms instead.

–Whole Foods, Columbus Circle

Middle-aged gangster on phone: You high for nothin’… High for nothin’!… Man, nobody tryin’ to threaten you!

–Ave C & E 14th st

Guy on cell: I failed my drug test and everything. I’ve done drank the juice, I’ve drunk mad water, I pissed my life away, that shit didn’t clear nuthin’. Dude said I had like five mammograms in my system.

–Atlantic Terminal

Overheard by: Jess

Grungy man on bike: Books! Sushi! And last but not least… druuuuugs!

–14th St & Union Square East