Woman out­side a Sub­way restau­rant on cell: Hi, this is Er­i­ca*. I met you on the plane to re­hab.

–38th St & 7th Ave

Col­lege guy: I’ve al­ways want­ed to try a roofie.

–116th & Broad­way

20-some­thing hot girl to friend: I’m pret­ty sure it was drug mon­ey; I took it any­way.

–Restau­rant, Apart­ment 134

Teenag­er to friends: When he was a teenag­er, he got all this mon­ey from the gov­ern­ment be­cause his moth­er was this amaz­ing drug ad­dict.

–Park Slope, Brook­lyn

Over­heard by: Time­less Drifter