NYU young lady on cell, stopping dead in her tracks: Wait a minute. You mean grandma… Isn’t really grandma?

–Broadway & Waverly

Overheard by: T. Myers

Tall black man in short shorts, on cell, walking two dalmatians: And I’ll never forget what my grandma said to me. She said, “you can’t just do that to the dog!”

–9th St & 5th Ave

Overheard by: Grant

Thug to another: I spent six months in there and I was goin’ out of my mind. Niggaz is shittin’ in the hallway, and I’m all like, “I’m gonna bring my grandmother up in here?”

–112th & Lexington

Tween boy flirting with girl: So… your great-grandmother is old, huh?

–Atlantic & Fulton

Overheard by: Cat Von D