Guy in crowd­ed hold­ing room for Hair au­di­tion: This is like gay prison.

–Rip­ley Gri­er Stu­dios

Small white jew­ish girl: Oh my god, I would leave my boyfriend for Lil Wayne in a sec­ond. Now that he’s in jail, I think I’m go­ing to start writ­ing him let­ters.


Over­heard by: kpan

Heavy­set black kid: Re­mem­ber, the po­lice will take your dead body to jail.

–Q Train

Thug­gy black dude: Naw, I ain’t goin’ to jail tonight–not for no black girl. Now if she was white…

–E Train

Over­heard by: Tall­white­boy

Ghet­to girl to an­oth­er: Girl, you got­ta stop buy­ing things for him. He’s in jail.

–As­tor Place K‑Mart

Over­heard by: El­liot