Dude: There is nothing like cereal with breast milk.

–Brooklyn Heights

Overheard by: Burke

Chick: How do mermaids get pregnant? They don’t have any legs.

–Office, 29th & 7th 

Stroller guy: Say goodbye to your sister-slash-mother.

–Prospect Heights

Woman on cell: It’ll be fabulous! He’s die and she’ll get pregnant.

–West 4th & Macdougal

Hasidic lady: Please, someone sneezes in China and I get pregnant.

–57th & Park

Overheard by: Brandy Rowell

Guy: My whole family hates me; I hope they all fucking die, even the babies.

–Central Park

Overheard by: steve alcott

Chick: What is it with me and getting pregnant?

–66th & Broadway

Guy: No, now you take the placenta home with you and eat it.

–Hill Cafe, Cobble Hill