Gov­er­nor Pata­ki: Go out and study hard so you don’t get a bad ex­am on your grades.

–Can­tor Film Cen­ter, East 8th Street

Over­heard by: StyX

Man #1: The Tet Of­fen­sive was just con­fus­ing.
Man #2: Not re­al­ly. I un­der­stood it com­plete­ly.
Man #1: Well, let me use an anal­o­gy: it would be like if to­mor­row, we went in­to Bagh­dad and re­moved all the troops. Is that how it was?
Man #2: Maybe; I don’t know what anal­o­gy means.

–Wash­ing­ton Place & 6th

Over­heard by: Gradie Smith