White guy #1: Dude, so I was like, moving in on this girl, and she was pruding. So she was saying, “I’m not that kind of girl, find someone else to hook up with.”
White guy #2: But you weren’t gonna let her off that easy.
White guy #1: Course not. So I’m like, “But I wanna hook up with you.” So then I’m like, “Wanna dance?” And she’s like, “Okay.” And then when we get on the dance floor, this girl who was like a total prude the entire time becomes a freak. She was just like rubbin’ up on my pee-pee and everything.
White guy #3: So you think you’re gonna hook up with her tonight?
White guy #1: Nah nah, the odds of her touching my pee-pee tonight are slim.

–Palladium, 14th Street

Overheard by: The Smut Gremlin