Yup­pie guy #1: Well, they’re in that “Ba­by-Co­ma mood” for, like, the first, three or four months. You can ba­si­cal­ly plop ’em down any­where, and they just stay there. It’s cool.
Yup­pie guy #2: But what if it starts wailin’?
Yup­pie guy #1: Oh, then you give it to the wife. You just say, kin­da sweet-like, “Some­one wants his Mom-my.”
Yup­pie guy #2: That works?
Yup­pie guy #1: That’s what my broth­er-in-law said…But then again, he is di­vorced now.

–Penn Sta­tion

Over­heard by: Ro­ry J. Thomp­son