Col­lege girl: Is it pos­si­ble to bring back the dead?
Pro­fes­sor guy: Well, for now, sci­en­tists are work­ing on mak­ing a
sin­gle cell, which is cre­at­ing life. That’s not the same as bring­ing
back the dead. That pos­es the “life af­ter death” ques­tion.
Col­lege girl: I think about zom­bies all of the time.
Pro­fes­sor guy: All of the time?
Col­lege girl: Yeah, I’m al­ways think­ing about zom­bies.
Pro­fes­sor guy: What do your par­ents think?

–Mey­er Hall, Wash­ing­ton Place

Over­heard by: Steven Green­baum