Dude: Shit in the pussy!
Wolf Pa­rade singer: …Did some­one just say “shit in the pussy”?

–Bow­ery Ball­room, De­lancey Street

Over­heard by: clau­dia gal­lego

Suit: Hey ass­hole stand­ing up, sit the fuck down!
Hip­ster guy: Hey ass­hole sit­ting down, stand the fuck up!
Suit: I did­nt pay $800 to look at the back of your head!
Hip­ster guy: Come down here and try some­thing and i’ll sue your ass! Nice suit, fag!

–Cream Con­cert, Madi­son Square Gar­den

Over­heard by: ze­tas­mack

Girl: Hey, you guys were great. If you’re not do­ing any­thing af­ter, call my num­ber, I wrote it next to the mon­u­ment [on this dol­lar].
Juras­sic 5 singer: Wow..uh, great. Take care, now.
Girl: Yeah, see you lat­er.
Juras­sic 5 singer: …Dude, she just gave me her phone num­ber. You take it.
Guy: Yeah? Wow, thanks!
Juras­sic 5 singer: Yeah, but bud­dy, you make sure you tap that shit, now, y’­hear? A’right.

–70th & Broad­way

Over­heard by: Sharon B

Pat O’Brien: Um, ex­cuse me…
Bounc­er: Oh shit, that’s Pat O’Brien, that’s my peo­ples.
Guy: …Aw, come on, we’ve been wait­ing out here for an hour and Pat O’Brien gets in?
Bounc­er: Yo, don’t step, Pat O’Brien is good peo­ples.

–Canal Room, West Broad­way

Drag queen: Madon­na should die! She sucks! She’s a rapist, not an artist!…Madonna should die! I’ll kill her!
Guy: Get a vagi­na, bitch!

–The Roxy, West 18th Street

Over­heard by: G‑Lock