Drunk girl: How much is a Miller Light tall boy?
Beer vendor: $3.
Drunk girl: How about $2.50?
Beer vendor: $3.
Drunk girl: How about $2.75 and my phone number?

Drunk girl gives beer vendor cell phone number.

Beer vendor: $3.

–Penn Station, LIRR

Overheard by: LC
Headline by: Anna-Liza

· “Your Jedi Mind Tricks Don’t Work While Drunk” — Anna Nio
· “ ‘Mommy, How Did You and Daddy Meet?’ ”  — Becca
· “But in Syosset, I’m Beautiful” — Anastasia Beaverhausen

Honorable Mentions:
· “Losing Her Dignity for a Miller Light: Priceless”  — mellamaphone
· “Ah, the Reflexive Property of Beer” — Mikey G
· “In his Defense, He Advertises ‘Cold and Frosty’ ” — Mike T
· “Yeah, I Tried that Line with the Laundry Machine Yesterday” —  jumanji
· “C’mon! My Number Really Is 867‑5309.” — will manning

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