Guy #1: So when I start­ed telling him my feel­ings on the Iraq war, he rolled over to me in his wheel­chair and start­ed curs­ing me out. He was go­ing on about his time in Viet­nam and how there are things about war I’ll nev­er un­der­stand.
Guy #2: That sucks.
Guy #1: I was like, “Whoa. You’re my shrink! I’m pay­ing you to lis­ten to me!”
Guy #2: Se­ri­ous­ly.
Guy #1: Well, at least the co-pay was on­ly $15. But any­way, I’m def­i­nite­ly not go­ing back to him.

–Von, Bleeck­er & Eliz­a­beth

Over­heard by: Blondie