Teen girl #1, looking at subway ad: Yo, that shit be following me everywhere!
Teen girl #2: The giraffe…?
Teen girl #1: That shit follows me everywhere.
Teen girl #2: That’s because it’s summertime.
Teen girl #1: Who wants to go to the Bronx Zoo?! 

–A train

Overheard by: someone who wants to go to the Bronx Zoo
Headline by: Emily 

· “And you thought the GUYS there were creepy…” — Em
· “Apparently, when nature calls, she hangs up the phone” — Elisabeth
· “Better Than Cats!” — Christin
· “Better that than the old guy touching himself in the corner” — Dan
· “I thought the subway always smelled like that” — Justin L
· “It’s all part of their plan” — Rich
· “It’s better than being stalked by the guy in ‘Bodies’ ” — Neill
· “Rehab’s a Bitch” — Playtah
· “Smarter than the average bear — but only slightly” — C J
· “Somewhere an Advertising Executive Just Wet His Pants” — jay
· “Subliminal Text Messaging” — Jill
· “The one place it won’t follow me!” — jnice
· “The pink elephants had the day off” — Roy
· “The zoo always has the best shit.” — Adam
· “They are SO voted off the Ark” — Emily

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