Tourist husband: So what is this show about?
Tourist wife: I believe it’s like a Muppets story.

Avenue Q, Golden Theater, W 45th St

Overheard by: Jose
Headline by: Michael 

· “The Muppets Take Manhattan, Roll It Over, Pull Its Hair and Make It Call Them ‘Daddy’ ” — Colin McCleod
· “…And Miss Saigon Is About a Beauty Pageant” — bri b
· “And Porn Is Like a Plumbing Story” — jdw
· “And the Dinner You Took Me to at Olive Garden? That Was Like Italian.” — Andy Klingenberger
· “Avenue Q Tickets: $120. The Looks on Vernon and Estelle’s Faces When They Hear ‘The Internet is for Porn’: Priceless” — what i wouldn’t give to watch them watch the show
· “Everyone’s a Little Misinformed” — ian
· “Maybe If the Muppets Took Fire Island” — Broomrider
· “The Same Way That Debbie Does Dallas Is a Travel Documentary” — Kristin Sacre
· “Today’s Letters Are S, E and X, and the Number Is 69” — Iain, London

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