Mother: Which side do we get out on?
12-Year-Old daughter: Whatever door opens, Mom.
Mother: Yeah, but both doors say they’ll open.
12-Year-Old daughter: Just get out on the side with the platform, Mom.


Overheard by: vick
Headline by: Spotty Muldoon 

· “Dad Went to Harvard; Mom Went to Nassau Community” — bri b
· “God Never Closes a Door Without Confusing a Mother” — Eamon
· “Mind the Generation Gap” — d f
· “Must Be as Smart as This Door to Enter the City” — Amy Stephenson
· “Not a Throw Momma From The Train Fan” — John P.
· “The Other Side Is For the Tourists” — Andrea P
· “Twelve-Year-Old Finally Tells Mom Where to Get Off” — Vince Johnson
· “When She Was Pregnant, She Asked the Fetus Which Hole It Would Come Out Of” — janey
· “Wile E. Coyote Needed This Kind of Help” — DC Wonk

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